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A Ren Fest Newbie’s Take on the Maryland Renaissance Festival

Photo credit: Capital Gazette

If you’ve ever been to a Michaels craft store you know how… much… it is. We’re talking beads of every shape and color, scrapbooking materials for the most obscure memories, birdhouse-building supplies (because that’s apparently a real hobby), Ireland’s entire sheep population in the form of colorfully spun yarn, an entire wall full of that puffy paint elementary schoolers decorate t-shirts with, and, like, glitter glue.

The entire store smells of artificially produced pumpkin spice no matter what time of year it is, unless you’re in the scented candle section, that is. Everything there just smells like a migraine waiting to happen.

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Georgetown’s Filomena Ristorante is Bountiful with Saucy Nostalgia

Photo credit: Filomena Ristorante

Have you ever crossed paths with one of those strip clubs that have dancers shaking their bits in the front window to entice customers puppy-in-the-pet-shop-style? Yeah, me neither. I imagine most of those establishments were done away with in the 80s. Still, I can’t believe any of those displays would have been more erotic than the scene you’ll find at 1063 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC.

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