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A Thing Like That: Indian Summer (S1, E11)

Michael and Kathleen discuss the themes of intimacy during a hot, restless “Indian Summer.” Spoilers run from 21:52-25:02.

Reel Life Oscar Challenge Episode 12: 2005

Michael, Lars, and Kathleen go through a range of emotions in this episode, where they talk about possibly the worst movie they’ve seen so far, and defintely the weirdest sex scene they’ve seen, possibly ever. The films discussed are:

-Brokeback Mountain (1:16)

-Capote (12:51)

-Crash (22:12)

-Good Night, and Good Luck (34:45)

-Munich (44:51)

Reel Life Oscar Challenge Episode 11: 2004

Michael, Lars, and Kathleen talk about boxing, OCD, blind musicians, wine snobs, and childhood whimsy as they take a look at the Best Picture nominees of 2004. The films discussed are:

-The Aviator (1:53)

-Finding Neverland (17:42)

-Million Dollar Baby (29:14)

-Ray (43:30)

-Sideways (55:17)

A Thing Like That: Long Weekend (S1, E10)

Michael and Kathleen discuss how characters react to the passage of time in “Long Weekend.” Spoilers run from 18:34-22:55.

A Thing Like That: Shoot (S1, E9)

Michael and Kathleen discuss themes of opportunity in “Shoot.” Spoilers run from 30:49-36:52.

A Thing Like That: The Hobo Code (S1, E8)

Michael and Kathleen discuss outsiders and insiders in “The Hobo Code.” Spoilers run from 27:59-38:27.

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