Zodiac Beauty Series: Taurus (April 20-May 21)

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How are we all feeling now that Aries season has come to a close? I’m going to assume mad hype from Aries’s ceaseless energy, but perhaps a little weary, as well. After all, even the jauntiest of adventurers need to rest every now and again, and there’s no better season for a little R&R than the current Taurus season. All that’s left to do is create a romantic, earthy makeup look to match it’s luxurious and grounded energy.

Getting to Know Taurus (April 20-May 21)

The sign of Taurus is said to be ruled by the planet Venus, meaning it embodies that desires and interests of that planet: love, beauty, fertility, and desire. Thus, Taurus enjoys being surrounded by the finer things in life, such as delicious foods, rich fabrics, and elegant decor. Tauruses are grounded and reliable but move at their own speed until they reach a point of personal satisfaction. They have great endurance and confidently stand behind their own decisions.

Taurus Keywords

Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable

The Color Palette

Light pink, warm browns, light green, emerald

The Look

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Taurus embodies the fertility and steadily blooming beauty of spring. I wanted to pay homage to this simple elegance by pulling together looks that, while light and romantic, require a bit of finesse and patience in blending together.

First thing’s first: start off your Taurus makeup look with a foundation with either a satin or a soft matte foundation to create a flawless face reminiscent of old school Hollywood starlets. Warm up the face with a rosy powder blush and dusting of bronzer, but stay away from chiseling out your features with a heavy contour; Tauruses are known for their soft, rounded features.

To capture Taurus’ romantic gaze, buff rosy tones and light beiges in circular motions around the eye. If you’re looking to make a statement, opt for a rounded matte black winged liner and doll-like lashes. If you tend more towards colorful looks, try smudging a mossy green along your lashline.

Lips should be warm and full (again, as artistically romantic as possible), so choose your favorite “my lips but better” color and feel free to overline as much as seems reasonable. Again, a satin or matte finish is best to keep the looks soft and muted. If you want a little sheen, lacquer up your nails with a neutral, soft pink shade or even a classic french manicure.

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