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A Thing Like That: Indian Summer (S1, E11)

Michael and Kathleen discuss the themes of intimacy during a hot, restless “Indian Summer.” Spoilers run from 21:52-25:02.

A Thing Like That: Long Weekend (S1, E10)

Michael and Kathleen discuss how characters react to the passage of time in “Long Weekend.” Spoilers run from 18:34-22:55.

A Thing Like That: Shoot (S1, E9)

Michael and Kathleen discuss themes of opportunity in “Shoot.” Spoilers run from 30:49-36:52.

A Thing Like That: The Hobo Code (S1, E8)

Michael and Kathleen discuss outsiders and insiders in “The Hobo Code.” Spoilers run from 27:59-38:27.

A Thing Like That: Red in the Face (S1, E7)

Michael and Kathleen discuss themes of immaturity in Mad Men Episode 1.7, “Red in the Face.” Spoilers run from 24:23-30:35.

A Thing Like That: Babylon (S1, E6)

Michael and Kathleen explore themes of Utopia in “Babylon.” Spoilers run from 24:09-30:21.

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