On November 3, and in the many weeks beforehand, America’s presidential election will take place. With the conclusion of the Democratic and Republican national conventions in August, we’re officially off to the races! We hope you’re as excited as we are, because 2020 is the first year The Postrider will have the privilege to unveil our own ratings for a presidential election, providing background as we keep an unwavering eye on an election that may go long past Election Day.

You can read our introduction to our presidential ratings here, but remember that we’re not making predictions, we’re just providing an educated assessment on the state of the race in every state.1And the District of Columbia! Keep in mind that Maine and Nebraska split their electoral votes by congressional district, so we’ve accordingly rated the state at large (two electoral votes) and each of their congressional districts and applied those ratings to their individual and statewide votes. These states are shaded to reflect the diaspora of ratings at large and for the individual districts.

All of our ratings are approved and determined by both the Editor-in-Chief, Michael Lovito, and yours truly, the State & Science Editor, and we’ll be updating this page with any ratings changes on a state-by-state basis.

With all of this in mind, The Postrider is proud to present its own ratings for this year’s presidential election.

188 Electoral Votes

Safe Biden


Likely Biden


Lean Biden




Lean Trump


Likely Trump


Safe Trump

Biden or Trump need 270 electoral votes to win the presidency
Our Projection: Biden will win 315 electoral votes Trump will win 223 electoral votes

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