What is The Postrider?

The Postrider is a general interest website that covers topics as diverse as movies, TV, music, lifestyle, politics, and science. You’ll find all kinds of content from our talented and knowledgeable staff and contributors, ranging from election predictions, album reviews, travel tips, and even some personal narratives. Hopefully some of that piques your interest.

Who is The Postrider?

Scroll down below to learn about our editors and co-founders. But most importantly know that you can be The Postrider as well! We’re open to submissions from anybody and everybody who has something interesting to say in an interesting way. Unfortunately, this is a volunteer effort, so we cannot pay contributors (yet). But if you’d like to write something and have it posted for the world to see, drop us a line down below.

Michael Lovito
Movies & TV; Music Editor
Lars Emerson
State & Science; Lifestyle Editor
Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science from American University. He previously contributed articles to WVAU.org (where he also hosted Truth, Justice, and the American Way with Michael Lovito) and The District. He currently contributes to Sing Along Psalms, a personal music blog, and is one of the co-hosts of The Reel Life Oscar Challenge podcast. Lars works in political advocacy and financial technology and has a background in economics and political science with an emphasis in financial crises, labor economics, and monetary policy. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science from American University. When not hammering away working on improvements to the design of this very website, Lars can be found running through the humid DC summers, brewing his own hard cider in the winter, or anxiously awaiting the next Avengers film in the spring. He hopes one day to leave his vast estate of future dues from this website to his cat, Dakota.

When is The Postrider?

The Postrider was founded in 2018 and still publishes content to this day.

Where is The Postrider?

At ThePostrider.com, of course! We’re currently based out of Washington, DC but we don’t consider ourselves a DC-centric publication per se. We aspire to tell stories and share perspectives from all over the world.

Why is The Postrider?

Think about the things that really matter to you, the things you think about all day while you’re sitting at work. Unless you’re incredibly lucky to be doing something you love (and even then, who knows), you probably aren’t daydreaming about your job. Instead, you’re probably thinking about something you just read, watched, or listened to. Or maybe you’re wondering where to go to dinner or even contemplating the state of the world. The Postrider focuses on what you care about the 128 hours of your week not spent in your cubicle.

And we’re called The Postrider because, if you really care about something, if you’re really enthusiastic about it, you don’t want to talk about it at a tweet or text length. You want a nice, long, considerate write up– the kind you might find in a letter. So let our website act as a courier for that kind of thoughtful writing and modern content with a healthy respect for journalistic tradition. Thanks to advances in modern technology, we won’t have to ride a big ol’ horse across miles of dusty desert to do so. Instead, we can serve up our work from the comfort of our own homes, straight into the comfort of your own home.

It’s not quite as impressive as riding for the Pony Express, but we hope you appreciate the hard work and enthusiasm that goes into The Postrider. Happy reading, everyone.

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