Zodiac Beauty Series: Aries (March 21-April 19)

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I’m nothing if not two things: (1) a wannabe beauty maven and (2) a devote astrology nerd. I mean, seriously, makeup tutorials? I watch them. Zodiac dates? I know them. Cutting edge cosmetics? I review them. Astrological birth charts? I read them. Winged eyeliner? I attempt it. A vaguely presumptuous but nonetheless intimate understanding of acquaintances based on their birthdays? I got it.

So in this brand new “Zodiac Beauty Series,” I’m combining my two passions into 12 distinct articles featuring makeup ideas for each of the zodiac signs, inspired by the signs’ own characteristics.

Now, I’m by no means the first person to think of creating cosmetic representations of the signs, but many of the artists I have seen thus far go for a more theatrical approach to their looks with aspects of SFX makeup thrown in. Seeing as I am nowhere near as skilled in the beauty department as them (or have access to as many products), I wanted to take the layman’s approach to this beauty challenge.

Rather than creating one single look on my own face, I’m going to put together collages of looks and styles that align with the signs, aiming towards compiling relatively “normal,” “everyday” options you can apply whenever you want to channel the energy of a certain sign.

I’ve put together a few rules of thumb to help direct this project:

  1. The articles will be released in chronological order of the 12 zodiac signs, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces and will be released near the beginning of each new astrological season.
  2. The looks will be based around color schemes typically associated with each individual sign. I know, I know, it’s not a super creative concept, but it helps narrow down what would otherwise be limitless possibilities.
  3. I will use the commonly connoted “positive” personality characteristics of each sign to inspire the looks. These characteristics are displayed when an individual feels as if they are acting in line with their genuine self and are feeling a sense of ease in being, action, and expression. We’ll save the stereotypical “negative” traits for another series.
  4. I will use the stereotypical personality characteristics of each Sun sign unaffected by other aspects in a natal birth chart, just so we can get a nice, clear look at a single sign.
  5. I understand that my own personal connotations and opinions will influence these looks, and I will probably draw inspiration– subconscious or otherwise– from people that I know of each sign. Because of this, I’ll try to explain as thoroughly as I can why I chose the looks that I did.

Alright, shall we get started?

Getting to Know Aries (March 21-April 19)

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries moves through life with a vivacious, optimistic spirit, almost childlike in its tendency to leap first and look second. Aries is bold and ambitious and often finds that their cheerful disposition and desire for adventure gain them a bit of a social following. To Aries, strangers are just a friend they haven’t met yet, and they delight in tackling new challenges.

Aries Keywords

Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate

The Color Palette

Red, mustard yellow, orange, gold, camel

The Look

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I often feel that Aries is immediately associated with strict intensity, hot-headed passion, and a fiery persona, and, while we can play with those characteristics in another series, I wanted to pay homage to the sunshiney personality traits I have often found in my Aries friends.

Aries is truly like a sunflower– vibrant, cheerful, and containing the confidence to reach the sun. The Aries individual often has a bright face with clear, sparkly eyes and usually has something quick-witted to say. They are fresh, youthful, and unhindered by menial considerations, which is exactly what I wanted to capture in their makeup look.

To capture Aries’s sprightly glow, I recommend keeping the skin dewy and clear by using either a tinted moisturizer or light coverage foundation to even out the skin tone. Stick with cream products on the face, or very lightweight, high-shimmer powders, in warm peachy and golden tones to enhance your natural glow.

Aries always have their eye on the prize, so eyeshadow should be bright but relatively low fuss since Aries is not a stickler for details. Smudge orange and red tones all over the lid for an effortless halo effect, or imitate Aries intensity with smoked-out winged shadow in the same hues. If you’d like to balance out the fiery tones, dry smudge an eggplant shadow along the lower lashline or swipe on a purple mascara.

I imagine lips as either bold orange tones (especially for those who prefer to highlight the lips over the eyes) or a high-shine peach gloss that will make all of your quick thoughts sparkle.

Finally, nails should be kept short (you don’t want them breaking on one of Aries’s many adventures) and painted in a solid burnt orange that compliments your skin tone. Stray away from complex designs. While they may pose a fun challenge, they may also end up frustrating Aries with its need for detail and, ultimately, smudging once Aries moves onto their next quest.

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